Featured Member: Maxwell Tobie Funeral Home & Cremation Services

SC: Briefly describe your business
MT: Full service funeral home offering customized funeral services which include full traditional funerals, immediate cremations and memorial services.

SC: What motivates you to jump out of bed in the morning?
MT: I truly love what I do and look forward to the challenges of how to best serve the families in our community.

SC: Tell us about your company culture.
MT: I believe that each life, each family is unique, and that our services should reflect the individuality of each person and family we serve. Our professional, attentive, friendly and detail oriented ownership and staff put you at ease from that first contact and ensure a dignified and memorable experience. Because this is a family business, I give all of the families I serve my personal attention.

SC: What are three things you use every day in your job?
MT: My profession requires me to wear many hats. The most common are counselor, artist and planner.

SC: What trends/insights are you finding in your field/market?
MT: Cremation is one of the fastest growing areas of funeral service. As the more current generations are having to make decisions, there views on traditional burial have shifted to cremation for various reasons. Many are now opting for immediate cremation with memorial gatherings and services in the funeral home or place of worship.

SC: What advice do you have to give to emerging talent in your field?
MT: Do not let yourself become a one dimensional funeral director. To best serve a family you should know all aspects of the job and be able to perform them with confidence and pride.

SC: What benefit(s) attracted you to the Stafford Chamber?
MT: The opportunity to share ideas with other business owners/professionals while serving the community.

SC: What business challenges keep you up at night?
MT: The challenge of dealing with what I like to call the “low baller” competition. Pricing, especially today is always a challenge. However, the low baller may not be giving families the best value for their dollar. There is a difference and I encourage families to seek out that difference.

SC: Tell us about organizations/charities that you are passionate about.
MT: Rotary International, Wounded Warrior project and all veteran organizations, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and any animal abuse prevention.

SC: If you could choose any song to represent your company, what song would it be?
MT: Lean On Me

SC: What Stafford area business person do you most admire?
MT: There are so many great business people that I could not name one individually. The are all outstanding.

SC: When you are not working, where in Stafford do you like to spend your time?
MT: I can usually be found walking along the ocean or a local restaurant with my family.

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