Featured Member: Creative Click Media

SC: Briefly describe your business
CCM: We are a full service digital marketing agency. We help businesses succeed on the web through responsive web design, social media marketing, search engine optimization and other internet marketing tactics.

SC: What motivates you to jump out of bed in the morning?
CCM: First and foremost, my son who jumps on my bed and wakes me up at 5am. But on a more serious note, I love a good challenge and learning new things. This business is always changing which always allows for more creativity and new excitement.

SC: Tell us about your company culture.
CCM: Fun, upbeat place to work with a high value on teamwork in an ego-free environment.

SC: What are three things you use every day in your job?
CCM: Computer. Phone. Google.

SC: What trends/insights are you finding in your field/market?
CCM: More and more people are switching to digital marketing from traditional marketing. We’re at the point now where you can’t really say “marketing” now without meaning, digital.

SC: What advice do you have to give to emerging talent in your field?
CCM: Come work for us!

SC: What benefit(s) attracted you to the Stafford Chamber?
CCM: Networking with local businesses and being active in the community.

SC: What business challenges keep you up at night?
CCM: Fortunately, most of the challenges we’re facing are related to growth.

SC: Tell us about organizations/charities that you are passionate about.
CCM: We are involved with a growing number of non-profit organizations. We love giving back to the community and being involved in helping great causes get the word out about their missions.

SC: If you could choose any song to represent your company, what song would it be?
CCM: Better. Harder. Faster. Stronger. by Kanye West

SC: What Stafford area business person do you most admire?
CCM: Rocco, our Chamber President. Rocco is the most successful person I know in terms of work-life balance. Not only does he run a successful business and keep up with his family, but he is the glue that holds the chamber together. His ability to give back to the community, on-top of a busy schedule, is admirable.

SC: When you are not working, where in Stafford do you like to spend your time?
CCM: Usually wherever my son wants to go. He’s a big fan of Target, Olive Garden and Ocean Acres Park.

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