Featured Member: Ares Athletic Club & Martial Arts

SC: Briefly describe your business
AAC: Ares Athletic Club & Martial Arts is a center for alternative forms of fitness. We want to have programs that give people the opportunity to find what will get them motivated to build a lifestyle of fitness.

SC: What motivates you to jump out of bed in the morning?
AAC: We love that we are getting people moving outside their sedentary lifestyle. We want people to see past merely losing weight or looking thinner, but setting performance goals that are going to translate into their everyday lives: not hurting their back when they tie their shoes, making one trip carrying the groceries from the car, or getting up and down on the toilet when they are 80.

SC: Tell us about your company culture.
ACC: We want to create a culture of learning, for not just our members but our coaching staff. We are always trying to learning what others are finding out about human performance and movement. We want to keep the wonder and novelty going on all fronts and that can only happen with learning something new.

SC: What are three things you use every day in your job?
ACC: It is very important what to say and when to say it to encourage, correct, or lightening the mood, to resonate with members. We want people to know that they can achieve anything, understand the process that is involved to get their goal, and have a good time doing it.

SC: What trends/insights are you finding in your field/market?
ACC: The biggest problem in my field is that we focus too much on just exercise and not movement practice. Working out for the sake of working out does not necessarily but athleticism and could reinforce poor movement patterns that have been create from a sedentary lifestyle. All of our basic movement mechanics like squat, pushing, pulling, and running have all been re-engineered and to implement these patterns under the tension of exercise with exacerbate potential injury.

SC: What advice do you have to give to emerging talent in your field?
ACC: Don’t stop learning. Always ask others what they think, even if you don’t agree with their ideas.

SC: What benefit(s) attracted you to the Stafford Chamber?
ACC: I like that there is a proactive attitude about representing businesses in the Stafford area and helping businesses getting involved with each other and in the greater community.

SC: What business challenges keep you up at night?
ACC: Trying to find reliable talent to work programs that we would like to offer to our membership.

SC: Tell us about organizations/charities that you are passionate about.
ACC: Being involved with the idea of movement we are big fans of Standupkids. They are trying get stand up desks in schools for kids. Sitting creates all sorts of problems, everything from premature knee, shoulder, back surgeries and false positive diagnoses of ADHD.

SC: What Stafford area business person do you most admire?
ACC: Our business gives us an opportunity to meet many other business owners in the area, but Peter Fabian of Doyle’s Pour House and Melaine Maganzier of Mud City/Old Causeway. Pete was really encouraging to us when we were in awkward position with having to move our business on the fly. He gave us a lot of good advice that made the ordeal more manageable. Melanie’s involvement in the community is bar none. There is a real sincerity to her approach to events in the community.

SC: When you are not working, where in Stafford do you like to spend your time?
ACC: We love The Old Causeway. It has great food and atmosphere. The staff is great and help to creates an air that is friendly to the point where perfect strangers interact. We are also big fans of grass fed beef.

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